longints & uints

Is there a way to handle "long" integers or at least unsigned 32-bit integers in the Service Studio?

In my application I am using IP Addresses (e.g. "") and want to be able to calculate the number of addresses in a range.
For example in the range - there are 256 addresses.
To calculate this, I am converting the text IP address into a serial value and using that serial number for simple arithmetic (serialvalue("") - serialvalue("")).
This arithmetic doesn't work with numbers greater that 2^(32-1) (the max size of an integer).

I have already moved the calculations out into an extension (using Integration Studio) but still need to use the potentially large numbers in the Studio -- which only supports 32-bit signed integers.

Your assistance will be hugely valuable! Thank you.
Hi Ashirvaad Ramdhunn,

I had a similar problem long time ago. For long integers, use Decimal data type. See this post for more insight.

Good luck,
Hi Pedro

Thank you *very* much for your helpful response!