Free HTML to PDF

Free HTML to PDF

Hello Network!

I need to implement a solution that will allow an eSpace to generate a PDF. I would like to "pass" to the PDF generator an HTML page, that would be converted to PDF and available for download / send over e-mail.

I've already found solutions in the Network Forum, but all of them were charged.

Does anyone know and tested any free version of a PDF generator on an Outsystems application?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Pedro


Not sure if anyone ever used it, but there's simple HTML to PDF converter sample in C# done with iTextSharp on code project at


The iTextSharp ( is a free PDF generator API, ported from the free Java iText PDF generator library. So there's possible the Java version too.


It sounded a simple enough way of doing what you want.


Check it out, and feel free to provide feedback or even upload a solution with it.




Miguel Simões João

Hi Miguel,

Thank you for the reply.

I was a bit sceptic with PDFizer because the latest release has been in 2004.

As I tried it with really simple pages everything went fine. Once i tried to add a really simple table the PDF library threw an exception. The same happens with any page which is more complex.

PDFizer wasnt unfortunately approved :(

We are still looking for a solution, so in case someone can help, we will appreciate! ;)

Kind regards,
Pedro Nunes
I recommend you this html to pdf converter
I remember that someone in this forum posted an extension/ solution wich uses wkhtmltopdf but i can't find that post or component. It uses also extension Network Filesystem. Help ?

EDIT: found it;

Hope it would be useful