No Available Tables when Importing Entities from SQL Server Database

No Available Tables when Importing Entities from SQL Server Database

Hi there,

Newbie here and stuck trying to import entities from an existing SQL Server database in Integration Studio.

Initially I was having an issue with the OSRuntime user not existing. I added the user to the database I'm trying to access and gave it full access rights.

That enabled me to select the database without getting the error message but when I get to the 'Select Tables to Import' screen the 'Available Tables' box is empty. There are a number of non system tables in the database and I also made a very simple table with just an integer and a varchar field to test but it did not appear in the 'Available Tables' list either.

Anyone encountered this before or have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?



Hi Laura,


In SQL server have you granted permission for the OSRuntime user to those tables?

You can take a look into this topic.



Tiago Simões


Thanks for your reply Tiago.

I originally had an error like that but I gave the OSRuntime user access rights (read, write, full ownership) to the database I'm trying to access and the error went away. There's no error message happening now, just no tables in the 'Available Tables' list.
Can anyone tell me what the default password is for the OSRuntime user?

If I can login to sql server management studio with the OSRuntime user I may be able to better debug.



Hi Laura,



In Community Edition, the default password for the OSRuntime user is:



A summary of all created users and databases can be found in this topic




Thanks Ricardo!

I managed to fix the issue by creating a new database with the OSRuntime user as the owner and then copying the tables over so it was some kind of access rights issue but I'm not sure exactly what.
Hi All,

Newbie again and having the same problem as Laura however I don't know how to access the SQL database to change the rights using Community.  Can anyone enlighten me?
Ben -

SQL Server Express Management Studio is Microsoft's free tool for working with SQL Server. You can download it here:

From Sql Server Management Studio:

- Connect to your server
- Expand Security
- Expand Logins
- For each OS______ login:
    - Click Properties
    - Click User Mapping
    - For 'Users mapped to this login:' click your database and click Ok.