I need validations on an input field . The date entered should be any day from 1 to 30. The validation below is not working on the form. snippets attached. OnChange i'm just updating the customer table as validations are done on the NEXT button which has snippets attached

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BankingDetailsForm.Record.Customer.bnkPremiumDay  <= 0  or 
BankingDetailsForm.Record.Customer.bnkPremiumDay  >= 31

Shouldn't it be:

BankingDetailsForm.Record.Customer.bnkPremiumDay  >= 1  or 
BankingDetailsForm.Record.Customer.bnkPremiumDay  <= 30

for greater or equal than 1 and less or equal than 30?


You can place that validation inside the action (put it in an IF) and, if that validation fails, you change the widget "valid" property to false and place in the widget validation message what you want to show. You need to do this and then verify if the form is valid (if you place the input valid property to false the form Valid property will be false) and do something like I show in this print (this print is an example. In that case I'm validating an email):

Hopoe this can help.

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