Use input parameter or not on aggregate


I have page with a list of orders. If I navigate to Orders_List page, then everything is, as it has to be! But if I want to navigate from ProjectDashboard page, to see orders only related only with that certain project, then I am struggling a bit. I added ProjectId inputparameter to Orders_List page and according to logic set all other links ProjectId as nullidentifier() and on the link from ProjectDashboard > Orders_List > ProjectId.

Well, it didn´t work properly!

Is it possible to create such a filter like "if page has Input Parameter filter by that or just show the full list"? Or do I have to create 2 separate pages: Orders_List_without_InputParameter and Orders_List_with_InputParameter ?

Thanks in advance



You probably want a filter along the lines of "Order.ProjectId = ProjectId or ProjectId = nullidentifier()".


Right! It worked! I was missing "or" condition. Thank You!