[IdPReact] Login keeps redirecting to itself (loop)

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Published on 9 Apr by Telmo Martins
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Published on 9 Apr by Telmo Martins


I just installed IdpReact and configured my test application according to the demo application. It all seemed straightforward (one client action for the login process, nice!) but after testing it I noticed that the login kept on looping, It is redirecting correctly to itself and starting the login process again result in redirecting to itself, etc etc.

This doesn't affect any older application using IdP, those login correctly.

After debugging I noticed that in the OnException -> SecurityException the user isn't logged in (UserId = 0) and that causes a redirect to our AAD login page. This page is handled automatically (cookies?) and redirected back to the main page where the SecurityException triggers again. 

I then tried to login into the IdPReact demo app and this app behaves exactly the same so I suspect some other issue. 

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this further? Again, not that traditional web applications are logging in correctly with IdP. 

Any update on this? I had the same issue.

George Qiao wrote:

Any update on this? I had the same issue.


Now I can use this component in my reactive web app and sign in with Azure AD