Filtered list stops working after leaving the screen idle


I'm using OS 11, Studio v11.6.23 with a web development.

There is something very strange happening and I cannot figure it out.

I have a list of contracts. Each contract has a number of subcontracts. So, If I have 5 assets in one contract, I have 5 subcontracts. Eg:

 SubA-1, SubA-2, SubA-3, SubA-4 and SubA-5

Then I have a TableRecords where the source is the ContractList, and I filter it so that it will display only the subcontracts of a specific Asset. Eg:  (Asset #4)


That works fine.......... but If I leave the web page idle for a few minutes, when I come back, the list shows all subcontracts, not just the Asset in course!! o_O

I put a break point and started debugging, it stops at the breakpint, does everything as it should, finish the flow and the page shows fine, then leave the page alone, and the list appears full again,.... and the debugger didn't start again nor stop at the breakpoint, so the page is not refreshing due to some strange browser behaviour, which is what I initially thought.

I have no clue as to where should I look for... any thoughts? Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

It turns out that another component was updating this section of the web page (not the entire page), so additional validations are required since the filtering is only done in the preparation (which runs at the creation of the page) but if you reload a section, the preparation is not performed, thus, filtering is required in the reload as well.