Popup Widget, SEO Rules and Ajax Refresh

We're seeing very weird behaviour which is a combination of Popup Widget, SEO Rules and Ajax Refresh. I have an SEO Rule in place for this particular page which operates as expected. When I click the Popup link, the URL is constructed correctly and therefore displays the content correctly. However, if I was to use an Ajax Refresh on the content (say change the date range displayed by moving back a day, then forward a day), that very same link now has the SEO rewrite rule inserted into the URL. When I then click the link, the Popup attempts to display the parent page.

The rendered URL when working correctly is:


However after the Ajax Refresh, the URL is rewritten as:


This only occurs on the page after an Ajax Refresh, and with the SEO rule enabled. If the rule is disabled, this behaviour is not seen.

I have opened a case with support, but hoping to see if others have seen, experienced and resolved this issue?

Support is probably the right course of action here.

Would be very helpful if you can follow-up on this topic once you get a resolution via support.