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Published on 2019-02-19 by Vera Tiago
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Published on 2019-02-19 by Vera Tiago

Hello everyone.

I created an app by using saleforce connector.Now I want to serve  this app for user(about 300 persons).

So these people need to login.How can I create login action  for 300 persons.

somebody point me please.


Hi May Zin, 

Are you in enterprise or Personal Environment? 


Hi Otavio Souza

My Environment is Personal Environment.


Hi  May Zin,

For bulk user creation, one suggestion would be to call "CreateUser" or "CreateOrUpdateUser" actions from User entity (under System) as per print below. You can even serve your users with a "Self-Service" page where they can create the users by themselves. 

Though, this has nothing to do with SalesForce Connector. To connect at SalesForce you need to provide a SalesForce user to your application and connect to it using SalesForceLogin action as per print below.

I hope it helps.