Hi Team,

We have deleted few columns from the table manually few days back , now after many days we are getting below error  

Inconsistent database table and entity definitions: column 'OSUSR_27q_NotificationDetails._USERID' exists in database, but there is no corresponding attribute in entity 'NotificationDetails'.

how to solve this.Please suggest.



Hello Harish, 

When you delete an attribute from an Entity, OutSystems does not remove it from database, or the constraints in cas its an FK, to allow you to rewind versions. 

And sometimes you incur on this type of problems, if the FK is set to protect at the time it was deleted. 

You can use tools like dB cleaner and dB cleaner on steroids, from Forge, to actually remove those attributes from database table. 

But in doing so, you will not be able to publish versions that used the attributes, due errors. 


Hi Eduardo,

It's been long time since i have deleted those columns from the related tables., i am unable to understood after these many days i got the issue related to those columns ., and now if i use the DBCleaner will loose the existing data from my tables.




Time is of no matter here. The fields in the database will remain there for the eternity, if not removed explicitly.

You can use DbCleaner to remove from database DELETED attributes and DELETED entities. No data is lost, as it will not delete any active entity or attribute.