[Salesforce connector]Login for many users

Hello everyone.

Somebody has experience using salesforce connector.

about my issuse:I created an app successfully using salesforce connector.Now I want to serve this app to many user but I don't know how the user login to my app.I used SForce_Login server action along creating my app.

my idea is: I create a new customobject in salesforce (eg,UserInformation with custom field UserName,Password) and I check the user input the data and the data in customobject(UserInformation).

If the data is the same user can login and go to dashboard.But it is not simply.

somebody has any diea or experience please point me.



I dont think this is possible because for every password you will also need to concatenate the token generated in the salesforce aplication and each token is diffente for each user.

Thanks Flavio Monteiro.

So do  you know the purpose of connecting Outsystems and salesforce.

Who can use and what can do.Actually,I don't know the purpose of connecting Outsystems and salesforce.

If you have reference site please guide me.

Thanks .