[OutSystems UI Web] DatePicker - Year selection arrows

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Published on 24 Aug by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 24 Aug by OutSystems R&D

Hello team,

I am using the last version of Outsystems Web UI, replaced my datepickers by the new version although, I believe that there is some problem with the arrows when selecting a year.

My use case - I click on Year on the open calendar, then the arrow. Result it selects the next/previous month. Check Images below.

I see that there are a couple of fixes for the next release, for when is it planned?

Hi Davide Periquito,

Thanks for the report. It's already fixed on our side. It will be available on the next release, early next week.

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso

Good to hear that it has been take care , i also tried and saw the same behaviour but for me it was intermittent.



Hello Bernardo,

It seems that we are not there yet (using version 1.8.2). Now, what I am facing is: 

I have a min date defined, so can't go back on the arrows (as expected), 

but I can go for the next years

At this point, the back arrow should be available, which is not.

If the date picker doesn't close this is the result.