General Log show: Front-end Server


After upgrade Outsystems Platform to version 11.7.0 i see such message: "Front-end Server <hostname> IIS Status: N/A" in General Log every 15 minutes. It's already regeistered in Outsystems support but after 3 days i have no answer.


Hi Tomasz,

Is everything green on your Environment Health tab? And can you access that front-end's IIS to check for any errors or warnings?

This seems to be just a log without any impact but I understand that it's not a good thing to appear on the monitoring tab. I'd say you trust the Environment Health tab and if all systems are green it is a good sign!

Hi Tomasz

By the message you are sharing I suspect the case was set as Low (as that message is mostly informational unless that specific <host name> was with other visible issues than the message - which you probably would have mentioned in the ticket. I suspect however that part was not communicated to you - that’s certainly something we can improve. 

Since I’m answering: those messages are related to the internal “basic monitoring” done by Service Center (a timer run every 15 minutes). Most times that validation fails because one of the system requirements for installation is not met: all front-ends need to be able to access the others on port 80 on the IP that shows in “Environment Health”. When that’s not the case, you see the message. To fix it, just enable that communication.

As this is not new to 11.7.0 (it’s been that way since at least 2008) I suspect something else might have changed when 11.7.0 was installed.

If not, just update the case with your findings - and maybe ask for a reassessment or severity if you indeed have other side effects besides the warning in General Log. 




Environment Health tab shows everything green, and port 80 is accessible, i mean i can connect to http://localhost/ServiceCenter

We don't see any impact but for me it's strange.