How can I get the deploy version of the mobile application?

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You can get it in Lifetime under Applications section (if you want your tagged version of deployment).

If you want your generated version, you can se it in service center, under your application in the Native Platforms tab:

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please check too this information:


Nuno Verdasca

Hi Murilo,

If you just need the published app's version number then as Ricardo said you can get the version number. But if you need the apk or ipa of app then there is a download option also along with app name in the same table. You can download the app file from there.

Well guys, what I need is the following:

I'm using the BuildInfo Plugin to check which version is installed on the user's device, and I have a modal that appears to the user if if he has a different version than the last version we published in production, this modal will direct the user to store for Google Play or App Store to download the latest version.

I am using a Site Property to compare the version of the server with the version installed on the device, but this is not very good because whenever I upload a version, the responsible person must change the value of this Site Property, what I would like to do is to leave it automatic.

I was able to find a System Entity (Entity: App_Mobile_Build Attribute: VersionNumber) that contains this information but I was unable to find a way to use it, because with this entity I was unable to filter by the application I need.

Murilo Antonio

HI Guys,

But what is mean by 0.20+ in tag version ?

Swapnil Shinde wrote:

HI Guys,

But what is mean by 0.20+ in tag version ?

 The plus ('+') sign means the applications have changed since their last tag. 

Take the following example:

  • You release your mobile app to app stores with version 1.0. The next release in the stores should be version 2.0.

  • During the development cycle of version 2.0, the development team needs to generate new mobile packages.

  • Therefore, every time the developers need to generate a new mobile package during the development cycle, the mobile version must be lower than 2.0. For example, you can use the following version numbers: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, or 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, depending if there is the possibility of intermediate releases.

  • You should use the mobile version 2.0 only when the new release of your application is ready to publish in the app stores.

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