SQL Server databases and users created by Community Edition

SQL Server databases and users created by Community Edition



OutSystems Platform Community Edition relies a local SQL Server database for its operation.

If you have an existing SQL Server 2005 or 2008 database the installer will try to use it, and, if you don't the installer will install a new instance of SQL Server Express 2005. In that case the default sa user of the database is the following

Username Password
sa outsystems

Once an SQL Server is set up and ready to be used by the Agile Platform, the Community Edition installer will create the following database.

Database Description
outsystems Main database model - where platform server and eSpace entities are kept.
OSASPState Session state database, to support end-user sessions.

And the following users are created to access each database:

Database Username Password Description
outsystems OSAdmin adminoutsystems Administrator user - used by the platform server to create and update the platform and eSpace database tables
OSRuntime runtimeoutsystems Runtime user - reads and writes data in eSpace entities when eSpaces are running
OSLog logoutsystems Log user - writes runtime logging information to the model database that can be accessible by Service Center
OSASPState OSStateCommunity outsystems Session state user - used to read and write end-user session data from the session state database

Finally, when Service Center is installed the administrator user is created:

Username Password
admin admin

Hello Ricardo Ferreira,

I've installed the OutSystems Agile Platform Community Edition or .12
and the user/pass sa/outsystems doesn't work...

Can you please help?

Best regards,
Victor Santos
Hi Victor

Current Community Edition no longer leaves sa user enabled, so that is why you cannot use it. I suggest that you:
  • Connect using Windows Authentication;
  • Enable sa user and choose whatever password you would like.
You can install SQL Server Management Studio for an easy GUI, or use the command-line OSQL.exe for that purpose.


This is a step-by-step on creating an sa-like user in a Community Edition installation.
This will use your Windows login credentials to connect, and create a SQL-Authentication user that you can use in Configuration Tool:
  1. Open a command-line (Start -> Run -> cmd);
  2. Type in the following command:

    osql -S\OUTSYSTEMS -E
    (this will work if the instance was installed by OutSystems Community Edition installer. if not, the instance might have a different name);
  3. In the prompt, type in the following commands:

    DROP LOGIN outsystemsinstaller
    CREATE LOGIN outsystemsinstaller WITH PASSWORD = 'outsystems'
    EXEC sp_addsrvrolemember N'outsystemsinstaller', sysadmin
  4. You should get an output similar to the one in the image below:

After this, you are good to go. In Configuration Tool, just use outsystemsinstaller / outsystems as your credentials.

In real life, make sure to use a safer password ;-)