Navigation Tab inside a tab in Reactive not working properly


I was creating navigation tabs with more tabs inside it but then I noticed we didn't have the DataTab property in Reactive. Can anyone help on how this can be implemented in reactive.

Thank you 

Hi Pooja,

In reactive you just need to have the headers in the same order as the content.



Hi Marcelo,

Thank you for reply. I have placed the header and content in the same orders. I have two tabs, in the first tab I have 5 more tabs and inside second another tab. The placing is correct, when opening in chrome the first tab (and all 5 tabs) visible but while navigating inside tabs, it vanishes and also if navigate to the second tab, no tabs visible.

Hi Pooja,

I have tried to generate the same case and I am also facing same issue. Looks like some bug. 

Generate a support ticket with outsystems support. They will be able to help.

When I checked in console tab in chrome there were some js errors, you can share that too with OutSystems support