Controls\DatePicker works incorrectly after last update


I'm using Outsys 11, web developement.

We where using  Controls\DatePicker which had an OnClose action. But after thursdays update, it stopped working. As soon as you click on the calendar, the action runs, so you cannot select a date. The workaround we found is to use "Controls\DEPRECATED_DatePicker" which works fine, but the normal datepicker used to work fine.

Dear Ulises,

Can you please provide your current platform version and old version number?

Also check following link for the latest version of Datepicker control and compare it with older version you used.

Palak Patel

Hi Ulises,

I have checked this on my environment but I can use the date picker without any issue even with OnClose event. 

Please share your platform & SS version.


Here's my version data:

Service Studio Version: (trunk @ 239507)
Platform Server Version: 11.0.614.0 (build 106475: branches/r11_0_OCT19CP5 @ #240267)

I've been doing more tests and what I noticed with the normal version of DatePicker is that it enters into the action twice.

So, I have a datePicker, in it I have an OnClose action. In the action I put a breakpoint and start debugging. As soon as I click on the calendar, the action is excecuted (there is nothing in the OnOpen and OnSelect, only in the OnClose event), then it is executed again when I select a date and the calendar closes. So it works, but it goes twice in the action, It didn't have that behaviour a few days ago.

Thank you both.

Hi Ulises Amaya,

Can you share an oml with the issue, please? 

I also can't replicate it. Maybe you have a use case we aren't aware.

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso