SQL Server Always On cannot be enabled on log and session databases

We have Outsystems platform Version 11.0.614.0

our production environment consists of one deployment controller front end server and 2 database servers configured with Always On High availability.

We know that the recommended recovery model of the platform database is FULL, whereas the recommended recovery model of log and session databases is SIMPLE.

Since Always-On is not supported on databases with SIMPLE recovery model, we are not able to include the log and session databases in the Always-On cluster, which will keep them as non protected, as they will keep residing on one node.

The question here if there is any solution for that and what are the workarounds possible?


From what I could gather, 

OutSystems recommends a SIMPLE recovery model of log and session databases to simplify maintenance. 

You are free to change it to FULL however you should bear this in mind:

- Session and log databases have a SIMPLE recovery model because for the majority of the business needs, it's not an important use case.

- If changed to FULL, disk storage will increase exponentially since all the transaction log will be stored.

I'd say you should turn it to FULL if having all transaction logs being stored is of major importance for the business and the team is prepared to deal with high maintenance on the infrastructure side.

A recommendation would be use an external database for logging purposes.

Some reading material that helped me: https://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/44889/simple-or-full-recovery-model-for-databases