Extension HTTPRequestHandler

Hello all,

I'm trying to send binary data to a screen using PostRequest_Submit from extension HTTPRequestHandler.

I supose that method PostRequest_AddBinaryArgument would help me but not, the binary data parameter on screen have 0 bytes. That means that no binary data was posted to screen.

Can anyone help me?

Best Regards,
João Fonseca
Hello João,

What version of the platform are you using? And what version of the HTTPRequestHandler are you using?

Kind regards,
Hugo Veiga
Hello Hugo,

I'm using platform The version of HTTPRequestHandler is 4.1.4.

Best regards,
João Fonseca

Hi again,


I'll try to get back to you with this issue as soon as possible.


Can you tell me what are you trying to do exactly?


As a workaround, I'd propose you to do:

- Create an entity that will store the binary date before making the resquest to the other page.

- Pass the entityId instead of the binary data.

- Use the GetRequest_Submit instead of the post.

- Read that on the request receiving page and delete the entityId you received.


This is just to prevent you from blocking while we investigate the cause for your problem.


Best regards,

Hugo Veiga




I'm trying to send an email with a list of items. So, the idea was transform the record list into binary data using RecordListToExcel widget and in screen preparation transform the binary data into record list using ExcelToRecordList widget.

I used HTTPRequestHandler to avoid use of Entities but thanks for suggestion Hugo.

Best regards,
João Fonseca