App getting crash after selecting date in datepicker in ios

I am using Date-picker widget for selecting DOB. On selection  of year, if scroll the year without click on Done in IOS Device (OS 13) app is getting crash.


1. I am selecting Jan 27 2010 - date getting selected and display on the field

2. In same Month  for changing the year I am just scroll and set the year without pressing done button, now on selection of another date app is getting crash (observed in IOS version 13 and xor device)

Kindly help me to solve this issue.



  • What version of the OutSystems platform are you using?
  • What version of Service Studio?
  • Can you share a small OML that reproduces the issue?
  • Have you checked Service Center for logged error messages?

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your response.

App getting crash without any error message and the same is not logged 

Dragged and drop the calendar widget and tried to select the date without clicking Done button

Service studio:11.5.39

Platform Version: 11.0.614.0

I herewith attached the video for your reference

My apologize for late response.

Maybe it is some bug that has been fixed in a newer release of service studio.

Why dont you try to update Service studio to the latest version (11.6.24) and regenerate your app?

Correct for maintaining stability all environment should be in same version.

Issue raised by end user.