Is it possible that values on mobile screen automatically updates while DB changes?

I have a single screen on mobile outsystem development.

I have a server database table with some values.

I will update these values from web outsystem development.

There are 3 projects

1) mobile outsystem

2) web outsystem

3) core (blank module)

On the mobile screen I am just showing the db values.

Do I need to refresh again and again or Is it possible that values can change automatically. when server triggers.

I don't know how to achieve this simple scenario.

This is the real time scenario want to achieve like - stock market or etc.

Kindly help me anyone regrading this 


Manish Kumawat

Hi Manish,

Reading your description it sounds like you're looking for a push scenario - changes in the server database would  be propagated to the clients by the server.

I think there's two ways to achieve this:

a) every X seconds, your mobile interface queries the server for changes. This is the simpler solution if you don't need changes to be propagated the exact moment they happen - you can probably implement this with a couple of lines of Javascript;

b) implement push notifications, where your app registers with the server and listens for events triggered by the server. This is more complicated to implement but will allow you to trigger requests when changes actually happen. You could check out some forge components and examples that implement this.

Note that contacting the server very often will most likely cause performance issues, especially if you're attempting to read a lot of data. If you need real-time data you'll have to test your implementation to see if its practical.

You can also try to solve this via WebSockets:

This allows the server to send a message to the webpage indicating that a value has changed.

Hi Manish Kumawat,

If you use Data Grid, I will show you how to do automatic refresh when the DB is updated.

Idea: refresh screen in the time of db update.

But i haven't created mobile app.