Global function (server action) to pass encrypted/decrypted parameters

Hi All,

Sorry if the title is confusing. 

Currently I ran into one issue where I couldn't find a way or create a Global Action to encrypt/decrypt different input paramters from list screens to detail screens automatically without assigning them manually in the list screens.The idea is NOT to encrypt them one-by-one manually in the variable's property field in the list screens and decrypting them one-by-one manually in the detail screens.

*p.s. Currently using CryptoAPI for encryption and decryption purposes.



Hi ZH,

If I understand your problem currently, you want to encrypt all screen enput parameter automatically without calling you encrypt action manyally while passing parameters to screen.

I don't think there is any direct method to encrypt all input parameters automatically. Also there can be some cases which will not be covered with this kind of encryption. For example if you are passing input, boolean or date type parameters in your screen but encrypeted parameter will always be in the form of string which will lead to errors.