We are using the Richmail to sent mail. 

We need to give to a mail a from-adress and a replyto-adress, so that the receiver from the mail reply's to another adress then the from adress.

In richmail is a parameter that is "InReplyTo". That is not the functionality that we want, and giving an email adress in this parameter does not make the reply work.

How do we implement this. Has anybody had experience with this or do we need another component (and which component).

It is outsystems 10 still, but in 2 months we will go to O11


Hi Marlies,

The "RichMailCreate" Action returns a plain text output ("Mail") that can be manipulated at will. It wouldn't be too much of a problem to analyze it and add a "Reply-To" somewhere in there.


Hi Kilian. That was the solution, it was an easy one.

Great I could be of help. Happy coding!