how to take the data back up(database) from one environment to another environment.

Hello Team, 

how to take the data back up(database) from one environment and import to another environment ?

Please share any ideas How to processed?

Hi Polam,

The problem is the database contains your application data as well as platform data.

It is only the application data that would be reasonable to migrate from one environment to the next.  Additionally, some of that you may not want to migrate.

There are 2 ways the platform will load data into environments

* static entities, deployment updates static entities;

* bootstrapped data, timers perform a one time load of data on publish; for example generated when an entity is imported from an Excel spreadsheet.

Outside of these, I would suggest a number of options:

* Write code in OutSystems to export and import entity data to Excel, or JSON if it is a complex data model.

* If you have direct access to the database, you could use a data migration tool, such as talend or similar, connecting directly to the database

* Write code in OutSystems to expose a data import REST API.  Then consume that API in another OutSystems environment to migrate data from that environment.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,