[Microsoft Login Connector - Traditional Web] Duplicate Users after logon

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Published on 9 Aug by Paul Davies
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Published on 9 Aug by Paul Davies

I noticed that after logon I got duplicate users in the User table. I have my regular user account that I normally use and I have a new user with my email set as name, email and description. 

After some searching I found an issue in the OAuth2_OutsystemsLogin Server Action. The aggregate that searches for users is very strict and some filters don't make any sense to me. Perhaps you can help me understand these?

Why are we matching on Email and not UPN? 

Why are we blocking all users with admin in it's name? Is this even a valid UPN for Azure AD?

Why can't "User Managers" be matched? What are we trying to prevent here?

If anyone has an answer that will be greatly appriciated.