Searching for "Unable to open Solution Pack for reading"

When trying to upload (or 1-click publish) the Enterprise Manager solution pack, I receive the error "Unable to open Solution Pack for reading." I receive this whether I'm using the Service Center or the Solution Pack tool. I also receive it when attempting this locally or remotely. I make sure the file is "Unblock"ed on its file properties. Advice?

Hi Eric,


Are you using the correct version of the Enterprise Manager solution for your Agile Platform?



Tiago Simões

Thank you, I was not using the correct version! My problem is fixed.

Two thoughts...

1. The error message is super-misleading because it seems to imply there's a problem reading the Solution Pack. :)

2. When looking at the TechCenter components page, I didn't see this page (that you linked to, above) which includes the correct version I need. How would I normally be able to find this page?

Thanks for your help!!

1) You are completely right, we will provide a better message in the future.

2) The link named Version History on this page.



Tiago Simões