Using RabbitMQ as a messaging platform for OutSystems Applications

Dear all,

We have multiple instances of OutSystems platform running at different locations across world with unreliable connectivity. I am looking to use Rabbit MQ as a messaging platform for exchange of data between the business applications developed on OutSystems platform. 

I would like to hear

  1.  if any of you has used OutSystems and Rabbit MQ this way
  2. How did you manage to get OutSystems apps talk to Rabbit MQ  (libraries+extensions+services?)
  3. What are the challenges that you have seen with getting this set up working
  4. Any recommendations/experiences 

I would really appreciate your response on this topic


1. I do not have full stack experience but recently was involved with one customer where RabbitMQ was the message broker between Avaya and our application. I hope this counts

2. RabbitMQ can be integrated from server side (check in forge or client side using Javascript. We used STOMP websocket to connect to RabbitMQ. RabbitMQ site has example of webpage where you can copy the scripts.

3. RabbitMQ installation was super easy but tuning it to production ready might need lot of reading or expert help. Since ours was two application we used acknowledgement mechanism, so message is deleted only when application acknowledges and ways to distribute certain message to all etc, things like these setup took some time and understanding.

4. I am not that expert to provide recommendation, you might have to wait for experts to comment on this.


Hi Prasad,

thanks for the response and your feedback does help :-) 

Did you have any specific reasons to choose STOMP over AMQP ?  As i am looking to use AMQP