Report Export Excel from more than 1 table in 1 sheet

I want to build this report, 

I have 5 tables I want to put data's from table in one sheet of excel file.

At the picture above, table TimeDeposit, MarketableSecurities, BusinessRelationship, and not shown MutualFund, and Bonds. One table grouped in one part of excel rows..

Can I achieve this using outsystems module?

Hi, dude.

To do something like that, you'll have to pass these tables throught a structure to the Excel Export. 

Create an structure with the atributtes you want to export then populate it with the data you need.

Do you know how to work with structures? If not, send me an e-mail to and i'll be glad to helpe you.

Best regards.
Lenon Manhães

So far, I am just know how to export 1 table into 1 model at outsystem or parsing it to another structure to change the header name.

Now I need to export 5 table, into 1 excel 1 sheet. Can I do that Sir?


You can export more than one table to excel, you just need to create a RecordList using more than one entity. Then supply this record list to "RecordListToExcel" method.


Hi Mudzakir Toha,

If your output structure is same for all the entities than you can query all the entities and use a common structure to append data from all the queries and than pass it to RecordListToExcel action .

The other option is to use component which allow full control over the excel sheet while writing the data . You can do formatting and write cell as you want.



I agree with Pramod and that will help you to get your solution. 

one way is to create an advanced query with structure and then RecordList to excel.

another way is to use the advanced Excel component.

I think I need small .NET application to doing Query and show report using crystal report or something like that, which is more easy to maintain the design UI of the report.

Hi Mudzakir Toha,

There is no specific crystal report inbuilt integration available with Outsystems but as i said in my earlier post using Advance Excel component you can create complex excel reports with charts\images\graph and formatting as per your requirement.

Also with Outsystems UI , it is very easy to design complex UI with built in controls available in it.