To store boolean value of Radio button using an input variable


The two Radio button(true, False), stored in single boolean input variable need to be stored in varchar variable in the database.

At first, i have store the radio button value in the boolean variable.

How can i achieve this?


Hi, dude.

Explain it better, please. Two radio buttons to a single variable? That's not recomended.

Normally, a single radio button can have two values: if marked, true; if not marked, false. You decide.

To store the value, pass the variable to the CRUD action you need.

Best Regards.


Just use the same variable in both buttons and put "False" on the value of one of them and "True" on the other.




Hi Maria,

Thanks for the Solution, yes it works.

I have to store that this boolean input variable value as varchar datatype. Since my Entity has that value varchar datatype.

How can i typecast the boolean datatype of Input variable to Varchar datatype of attribute to pass it to the Entity ?

can anyone please give me the Solution.