Error in IssueList.aspx in OutSystems Projects

It keeps telling me there are 38 matches , but I have much more

And paging is missing

Hi Joop,


Thank you very much for your feedback.


In fact, there is a bug in the number of matches found. The number is not being refreshed when you submit your filter, its always the same from the moment you enter the issues page.

We will add this bug to our backlog.


The paging isn't there because you have a Max Rows parameter in the search filter. If you want to see all the results, you just have to increase the Max Rows parameter.

We have found this a better usability aproach for the backlog and issues pages of the Agile Network Projects, mainly because of the use of Ajax.


Best regards!


Found the bug also, s if that could be fixed super !

About the paging ... If I search for issues or even workitems in backlog, the number of rows is not so very fine to work with.
You alwasy have to check if the number of rows matching the criteria is high enough to show all records.

I hve had it several times that I was looking for an item and it didn't show because the number of rows in the filter screen was to low. Now I always set my number of rows o 200 or even higher to get me all rows I need.

To my this is just the other way around, now the query to the DB will perform even less, because it probably will return more then when yu use the aging. So please reconsider the approach.

And please add "Feedback" option to the project part of the OutSystems network.