JSON Highcharts using native OS Charts


To plot a chart using JSON Highcharts tested by JSFiddle run of Highcharts site, is enough to write the JSON text in the AdvancedFormat_Init function in the AdvancedFormat Chart's parameter ?

I'm doing this by an OS ticket guided, that oriented me to change the component forge HIghChartsInclude by native charts OS widget. But I have noted that some graphs works and others no. 


Hi Roberto,

Keep in mind that OutSystems uses a pretty old version of Highcharts (for version 10, it's 4.x, for version 11, it's 6.x, while I think the latest version is 8.x), so there may be incompatabilities - always check whether a feature is supported (he Highcharts documentation shows the minimal supported version).

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your attention. I understand, but I opened a OS ticket when my problem happened, after the last plataform upgrade to correct vulnerabilities. A web screen using highchartsinclude forge component togheter with an OS native charts, was generating a code error and page fail. They said me that the forge component was using v4.2.6 (2016-08-02) and OS native charts the v6.1.4 (2018-09-25). My plataform is 10x. Then they oriented me to move all graphs using the highcharts component to a OS native charts.

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It's always a good idea to use the OS implementation of Highcharts whenever possible, that's true. Although on platform 10, it's version 4.1.4, not 6.1.4, that's being used by OutSystems. 6.1.4 is used on platform 11.

Hi Kilian,

The problem is that the script result running by forge is not the same that running by OS chart. The forge result is identical if submitted to JSFiddle HighCharts site. But the OS chart result always shows some type of error.  Attached there is an application that runs a script in HCInclude forge and OS chart (one in each menu). In my machine, the forge result is good (this script was copied from HighCharts demo example). But in the OS chart, the legend doesn't works and the tooltip is incompleted.

Thank you very much