I'm having some problems with Users Module.

How i can update all System_Components.

My stack in .net , V.11 and on Cloud.

Best Regards


Hi Daniel,

The way to upgrade System Components is described here:

But on Cloud platforms, I don't think you should do it.
You should open a ticket and talk to Support about what is happening, as it is OutSystems that takes care of the Cloud Infrastructure. You can't upgrade your cloud system (only OutSystems can do it).


And now, what is the problem that you are facing, related to the Users module?

Hi Daniel and Eduardo,

System_Components.osp (OutSystems Solution Pack) comes with each Platform Server installation version. 

I would not recommend to just upgrade all system components. I can imagine some of these components could have been modified where it is required for them to run on the platform server version they were released with (or a later version).


So in case you are not running the latest platform server version and you have an on-premises infrastructure. I would recommend you to upgrade your environment first and additionally install the latest version of system_components as they come with the installation. 

If you have a cloud environment, contact OutSystems Support like Eduardo proposed.



Yes. I forgot to mention that this is one of the steps on a platform upgrade, so you should do that only when upgrading the platform. Thanks for pointing it out, Nordin :)

In general, a mismatch between platform version and system components version causes problems. 

But that's why I asked to understand what's the problem with Users.

It may require a platform upgrade (that can be done only by OutSystems, in the case of a Cloud environment).
But it may be something else that we can help.