I need to create a feed that every user can write something and then post that, and I need to display that on something like a feed can someone help me and give me some advice about how to do that?

Hi, dude.

It seems to be pretty simple.

1) You can put an five lines input on the screen with an ajax submit button to save it.

2) Create an entity to store that comments.

3) Then use a list records to show these comments on the screen like a feed.

If is just that, you won't take to long to implement.

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Take a look on the following .oml.

Lenon Manhães wrote:

Take a look on the following .oml.

Thank you that worked!! but now I need to have the possibility to attach an image to the comment


Well, the best practice said that we MUST put binary content always in some separeted entity. We can just put an upload widget down the save button, but it will need some validation actions. 

See the following .oml and let your mind work in how you can apply that to your application. I don't put any validation, but it's just put validantion to accept just images etc.

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Hi Bernardo,

did you do the outsystems courses, like mobile training? 

By taking these courses you will also learn how to build a feed page. It will be useful and will help you a lot.

Nuno Verdasca

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