Web screens, user permissions and privileges

Hi, all.

A doubt I'm not sure how to solve: I need to manage my screen vs permission areas/Enterprise Manager privileges and to do so it would be usefull to have a screen/permission area matrix of some kind. I don't seem to be able to find this information anywhere and the Service Studio security filter doesn't help, 'cause I have a multi-eSpace environment, with a lot of screens that share the same permission areas (please don't tell me I need to open each and everyone of my eSpaces and security filter them to count the not greyed out web screens).

Does anyone know of an easy way to get what I need?

Henrique Matos

Hi Henrique


In the OutSystems data model I am not aware that such information exists, but you can get it that from the Design Document in OutDocumenter:



I don't know if this helps.



Hi, Acácio.

OutDocumenter is a great help, but for this purpose it's too much: it still means I have to load this huge Solution to get this massive report, with a lot more information than what I need, when all I ever wanted was this simple matrix...

Either a parameter for each OutDocumenter section or the same kind of eSpace analysis but limited to this need would be great!

You know, we already have "which users have which privileges"; but there's this missing link to know what does that mean in terms of what can they do, where can they access; hence, the web screen/permission areas matrix.