hello. im using outsystem 11 on windows 10. i'm using mongodb as the external database. for oml file, i'm using mongoDBDemo from this forge https://www.outsystems.com/blog/posts/how-to-integrate-nosql-into-outsystems-app/ . i have json with int64 type from mongodb, but outsystem encountered error when processing the json i mention above at jsondeserialize process.

so here's how i reproduce the bug.

1. have your json already with int64

2. run mongoDBDemo in debug mode. add breakpoint at JSONDeserialize method, and you'll have this:

3. press next step, and the error will be thrown

4. the error thrown in web as well

so how do i solve this problem? thank you


This is a known issue with MongoDB. Their data types are not standard and Json library will not be able to parse it (NumberLong thing on it). 

So, you have three options. 

1. Stop using MongoDB and use something does not try to reinvent the wheel. 

2. Fix the json manually before deserializing

3. Try to find a library in Forge, or a. Net library that you can create an extension around it and that is able to fix it to a standard format.