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Subject: Migrating application from OutSystems default app pool to another

In OutSystems, all applications is under Default Website and pointed to OutSystems Application (App Pool) by default. With this, I am planning to point a specific application to newly created application pool. Unfortunately, site is not accessible via external DNS.

The said application has a configured URL under SEO in ServiceCenter. Simply, it has binded with an external certificate.

Please help and thank you in advance

Hi Jayson,

I am not really clear on what you are asking but here's what I can tell you so far.

I cannot find anything in OutSystems documentation about what may happen if you change the App Pool of an application.  Potentially a deployment or an upgrade could change it back to the OutSystemsApplications app pool, but may not and probably won't.

In general, using a separate app pool in IIS will just ensure your application runs in a separate process and allows you to configure different identities

You will need to make sure the user identity has at least he same system permissions as the OutSystemsApplications user.

Could you clarify what your aim is, or what problem it is you are attempting to overcome?

You may want to look into deployment zones if you want to split applications into internal and external applicatons.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Jayson,

I agree with Stuart. I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve, so please help us understand.

However, in addition to Stuart’s accurate information, I can tell you this. You will lose the SEO feature for that application if you are not running it under the Site’s DefaultAppPool which is OutSystemsApplications. 

The IIS ISAPI Filters depend on this in order for the SEO feature to work correctly. 

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