SAPscript + File Maker

SAPscript + File Maker


We use File Maker and SAPScript to get information from the screen. I would like to know if is it possible to use SAPscript within Outsystems...

To be honest I know nothing about this subject (SAPscript) and I'm looking for something where I can start. :(
The point is that here in my work they want to stop using File Maker and for that, they want to know if Outsystems supports it.

Hope there is somebody out there to give me at least the directions... :D

Thank you!

Hi Carolina.

SAPScript is the way SAP uses to output data from SAP programs in advanced and pre-designed forms, in a way that the ABAP language does not allow. It aims mainly to be a printable output, but can be use to display in the screen also.
Frankly, I don’t see where you can use SAPscript outside SAP (or why), since it is an SAP object that receives data from a SAP program and display it.
Of course you can use OutSystems Agile Platform to easily fetch data from SAP, and then display it in any way you feel like it on a web application.
You can check the SAP Integration demo from the OutSystems Agile Platform Tour.
Regarding FileMaker, I’ve never use it, but from what I know is a Database Management System. And you can use it for the creation of the database in itself and design forms to enter and view the data. 
I think you’ve realized by now, that with the Agile Platform you can do all this, in an easy and agile way and even design and implement advanced business processes and applications over a database (created in the Agile Platform or other already existing in your organization), easily integrating with third party systems, as SAP.
Hope I helped you in any way, clarifying these concepts.
Hi Miguel!
Thank you for your message!

Last week I was there to see the applications... it's nothing about SAP Script, sorry the mistake but that was the information I got.

Actually they use Apple Script to read information from the screen (it's a SAP screen, but could be any other application).

File Maker is used to run the Apple Script code (written manually and included in File Maker).
The code opens an application, browses the screens, gets the information from the fields, open other application, goes back to the previous... everything like if a user was pressing the keyboard and using the mouse... (so cool!)

The problem is that Apple Script can only run in Apple OS.. and the applications are desktop applications.. client...

They want to know if it's possible to use Outsystems to do the same... but I don't think so, since it's web based... and it's Windows...

Maybe there's a Windows component that does the same (get information from screen and trigger keyboard and mouse actions)... I need to investigate!

Hi Carolina


The AppleScript is an Apple Automation tool that only runs on MAC OS, and is used for automating processes and tasks. I don't have any experience with it, but it seems that it was used to build some sort of web browser simulator.


Please remember that the Agile Platform a agile web development framework, and it doesn't have any tool for building automated web browser navigation.


However, it's important to clarify what are you trying to accomplish here: what process/task are you trying to replace or integrate the AppleScript with the Agile Platform?


Can you describe in a clear manner the overall architecture of that process/task using Apple Script and FileMaker, and what part are you trying to integrate with the Agile Platform?






Miguel Simões João