Google Sign In and Assigning the user to respective role

Hi All,

I want to have a google Authenticator for loging in for my Web App. I have a plugin "Google Sign In". But I am unable to use it in my application. 

And also when the user login for the first time/register, admin should be able to assign a role to the user(one among 20 roles which I have created).

Please help me how to achieve this.

Hi Ankita,

You should always also create the user in the User Entity, if you want to use OutSystems Roles. Assigning Roles to users is done via the Users application.

Hi Kilian,

Thank you for the reponses.

I want this to be done in hand with Google sign in and not via users application.


This is what we call External Authentication.
There is an Online Training on how to properly implement it in OutSystems.



I'd advise you to follow Eduardo's advise, especially check the "Customizing the OutSystems Authentication" section. I understand you want to use the Google sign-in, but you must use the Users application (or at least the User Entity) as well, for various reasons. Of course, you can build your own variant of the Users app to assign Roles, if that's what you want, by using the OutSystems System Entities.