Previously, we used Client Variables on our application given the limitation that we can't use a complex or structures that is on screen parameters on React applications. We have moved into a better approach is using a Reference Number as parameter and have the structure as local variable.

Anyway, I found that I forgot to clean these Client Variables and they are used only in one global function now, which I also forgot to delete. When I did:

I thought initially it is because I deleted the function OnApplicationReady, which just instantiates these variables to empty string. Further testing I found out that I deleted these Client Variables, which are not used anywhere else.


Hi Juan,

That is indeed strange. If this is blocking you I suggest you open a support ticket so we can more easily troubleshoot that issue. 


Tiago Simões 



I think that is a bug. I have the same problem in my applications.

If you want, you can use this plugin, it is the similar.


Thanks guys. Will ask the customer to file this to support.