[Firebase Mobile] Getting Analytics to work

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Published on 26 May by Patrícia Glória Ferreira
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Published on 26 May by Patrícia Glória Ferreira


After going through the very easy to follow and implement instructions (congrats Daniel), I have Firebase finally receiving notifications as it should. 

Analytics on the other hand, are behaving a little weirdly. 

I have not gotten any of the events I am supposedly logging on my app on the Firebase console. I see an active user, and some 'default' data from analytics: 

I call SetAnalyticsCollectionEnabled with True on the Login action. I'm setting SetScreenName in all screens OnReady actions, but I rarely see events on the console.
Is there any way to debug to see if the requests are being correctly sent?

Hello Mariano, 

For your description, you are calling the SetScreenName. To see this data you should go to:

Analytics > Events > screen_view - you will be redirect to ther pag. there you should be able to see the screens that you track. 

It is empty?



Hello Camila, 

After I posted my question, some stats started showing up. The screen names as you say, are showing up now for what I reckon is all screens. Custom events, is more touch and go. I put one of them after the Log in action to capture the log in but that's not showing.

Events do take a while to register and show up on the console though. The 'stream view', which suggests is real time engagement, does not show up any data right now, despite me playing around with the App as I write this.

Might be difficult to push this through QA if they have to wait minutes and hours to get the views registering?

Is it normal that screens take hours to show up in the analytics dashboard?

Hello Mariano, 

for my experience yes. All the events take several time to be displayed. 

Based on Firebase information this could take up to 24 hours, for me all the time take around 18/20h.

Firebase is good to have weekly or monthly reports... because if you want to check the analytics for the day running, will not be possible.