I have a requirement in which user wants the contents on the page to be automatically saved after  5 minutes without hitting save button. How can  I auto save the form during specific time interval? I have to auto save the data in the database.


Hi, dude. 

Create a timer to trigger the save action you need, then set the timer and frequency etc. 

Grab and drop the created WakeAction to the flow of your screen, like the preparation.

I hope it help you.


Hi Nannu,

Wich version of the outsystems are you using? The aplication is a traditional web application or reactive web application? This additional information will help to sugest a solution.

But, in general you should create a logic with client side validation, and using a JS function window.setTimeout(function, milliseconds); to trigger a click in the save button.




I wou go with James approach of using window.setTimeout on screen and calling the scrren ation there. Offcourse you need to handle the validaion also so this is perfact approach.

Lenon: I am not sure how you are going to get the screen data in timer or trigger acreen action. Because timers run as separate process and can access only server action (not screen action).

Thank you for your time guys. It worked