Demo Business Process download

Demo Business Process download


I'm been playing with business processes today, but i think i'd learn much easily if i could just download the business process demo, can you please make it avaiable ?

Hi Miguel,



There is a Online Shop sample application in the Getting Started pages with a business process. You can also access it directly from the Service Studio introduction screen.


Check it out and see if it fits your expectations.




Can you make the expenses demo model available? It's a really nice example.

The Online Shop does give the information i need. Thanks.

Neverless i have a few doubts:

1. The user admin is the only one who can approve the "Verify Payment", which is ok but i don't know where you define that.

2. Imagine i had a hierarchy tree such as : SuperResponsable -> Responsable-> Customer, is it possible for the Customer to do a purchase, the responsable approves it or not, and Super aprroves the responsable order or not...

Basically, i'm not understanding how to configure the hierarchy tree.

Another simple example: In the online shop it's all ok, but in another applicaton i'm doing to try business processes, a user creates an object and he can also 'accept' the object he just created... i've been around permissions in service studio and priviligies in enterprise, so far i can't make it correct... Can you provide me some enlightment ?


Hi Miguel,



I suggest you follow the Agile Business Process tutorial, here, or the Developer Course III on Business Processes, here. All your questions (and a the ones to come that you will have) are explained in those resources.


But answering directly to your specific questions:


  • To assign an activity to a specific user, you must use the User property of the human activities. Check documentation here.
  • To assign an activity to all users that have a specific Enterprise Manager Privilege (that maps from a Service Studio Permission Area), simply check only that Permission Area in the Human Activity properties. Then in Enterprise Manager, you must:
    • Import your eSpace (to get all the Permission Areas as Privileges)
    • Assign the Permission Area of your Human Activity to a User or to a Role and then that Role to a User
    • Then only the Users or Users with Roles with such Privilege will be able to see and do that Human Activity
  • To accept something, you need a Human Activity for that "task" and a Web Screen where the user "accepts" what is to accept, e.g., presses a button and changes the status of the object.
    • Then either the user explicitly presses "Done!" button of the Taskbox to close the Activity
    • Or you can use the Close On property of the Human Activity to automatically close the Activity once the entity is changed and matches some status. Check documentation here. You can further validate with business logic if the close of that Activity is to occur or not using the On Close callback. Check documentation here.


Hope this helps. Cheers,

Again, thanks for the answer, it surely is helping me out.

I'm missing some knowlegde about enterprise it seems or i have it misconfigured, but at least i know where to look now.

Thank you.
It will be nice to have this example to download and learn a few nice things a bout it, not necesarilly related to process, can you make it available for download?

Thanks a lot
Hi Roberto,

To learn how to take the most out of the Business Process Technology, I suggest you follow the how-to available here or follow the Academy Developer Course 3 here.

It is best to follow the structured training than to use the sample refereed in this thread, which is from an older version, is very simple, and has only a few examples of the technology. Both the how-to and the Academy Developer Course 3 have samples within. The sample is attached in any case, shall you prefer it.

Hope it helps,
Im a little bit more interested in how they created the table to capture the expenses and the calculation of the total, that seems like a really good example
Hi Roberto,

Here is a sample of something similar. It is very raw.

If you improve it, please share it back with the community.

Hope it helps. Thank you,
Thank you very much