I'm trying to build the editable in Reactive. When clicking on a row I'm adding a tr below with the control actions. From that moment when I type something in the input field on each key down I get the error message: Cannot read property 'setAttribute' of undefined. Anyone a idea how this can be fixed?

Hi Freek,

Are you using the Table widget?. In that case I would think you need to add a row to the list or the entity of the aggregate bound to the table. The Table widget than takes care of creating the HTML to represent the new row in it.

The reactjs framework has its shadowDOM from which the html for its components, from which the HTML is generated and updated. 



Hi Daniel,

The table now looks like:

In the html it looks like:

So the added row only contains one column instead of 5.

If I would add the row on the entity list it will create a extra line with all the 5 column and that is something that I don't want.

Hi Freek,

What you describe is not supported by the editable table widget.

You might do better to investigate using the Data Grid control which is more flexible, but more complicated.


I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


So instead of adding a new table row I'm just adding a div and with css positioning it just behing the current row. This looks pretty okay and the current row is working when this widget is added on the table widget on a row. Can be improved but it's working..