Attribute Based Access Control on End User


I've been reading up this article on roles and how to manage them. I was wondering if Outsystems support an attribute based access control, that is assuming one user does not have access to module X; admins are able to grant that user access to module X without creating a whole new role for just that user.

If anything, is it possible to create an access control policy scheme for end users that is similar to the access control policy for IT users?

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I'm not really understanding, can you explain it better?

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Jorge Rodrigues


Hi Yosua,

OutSystems does not support this. You would have to code your own solution for this.

Here is some reading material for inspiration.




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@Jorge in short, I was wondering if Outsystems support an ABAC based policy rather than the default RBAC policy

@Daniel thank you for the resources! I really appreciate the help!