Problems Installing Outsystems 5.0 on Windows 7

Problems Installing Outsystems 5.0 on Windows 7

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I try to install the Outsystems 5.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits however, is giving a error code -1 and service center doesn't work, when is installing the rich widgets. As attachment i sent the install log files.
What does it means this error?

Thanks in advance,

Nelson Inácio

Dear Nelson,


Opening the "OutSystemsInstall.log" file you can see that Rich Widgets bootstrap component is failing its installation due to a timeout error:


[21.11.2009 23:33:21] Installing Rich Widgets bootstrap component.
[21.11.2009 23:46:41] Publish Error : Error publishing to 'localhost': The operation has timed out


This happens often when there are antivirus or firewalls that prevent the installer to contact localhost. Do you happen to have one of these running while the installation is going on? If you do, please turn them off while retrying the installation.


Moreover, I see you are installing the a beta version Platform Community Edition 5.0. The final version is out and includes many fixes and enhancements to the first user experience. Download it from and retry your installation.




I have bit defender internet security 2010, during the install the firewall ask me to give access to some services and i allow all of them, i will try to turn off the antivirus and see if it works.

The problem is the antivirus, i have to reduce the security level of antivirus to install and use Outsystems. If i encrease the security to defualt level the platform doesn't work.

Nelson Inácio

I had the same problem. I fixed it by uninstalling Outsystems completely before trying to install it again. Then it worked.