[Data Grid Web] Row Autosizing
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Published on 14 Dec 2020

From my understanding, the FlexGrid library version was also bumped in the last update done to the datagrid component. This new version supports the row auto sizing feature, by setting autoSizeRows: true in the Grid AdvancedFormat property, the rows are still fixed height.

I think it is due to the GridFramework.js formatItems setting the row height based on the cell height parameter.

It would be nice to allow row auto sizing. Either by adding parameters to the GridContainer or by having the .js detecting if the autoSizeRows is set then don't force the row height.


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Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for the feedback, I've done some tests here to replicate your complain and the autoRowHeights is really blocked by the code inside formatItems.

I will open a support case to the team.

Best regards

Ricardo Valim

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Any updates on this?