[DB Cleaner on Steroids] Error in queries against logs database

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Published on 19 May (7 days ago) by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes
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Published on 19 May (7 days ago) by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes

Thanks for the time spent in this solution!

I had some problems when using it.

I have a list of some improvements if you want, but now i need to know how to get some problems with logs queries when the database for logs in Platform Configuration Tool defined that the logs will be in another database.

The queries to cyclic log table were being sent against principal database and in our environment the log database is a separated one as it can be defined as a separated one in Platform Configuration Tool.

How to solve this?

We need to edit the extension DBCleanerOnSteroidsDBLogsAccess and change all the entities Logical Database property to match a new external database configuration via Service Center to have access to this external logs database?

Is there a form of fix a new logical database that we can redirect to Main or the right one on our environment if it have separated databases?

As the DBCatalog and DBConnection are exposed system entities you could update the values on it based on a config input by the user in your config screen.

If the platform Configuration Tool give us the possibility to define a database different from the one used as platform principal one I think you may have a screen to config it. I don't know if you can use it without republication of the extension, but, this database is not a fixed one.

Hope you can help.



Unfortunately, it is not possible to access the logs if they are not in the main catalog. Right now, we are using an unsupported "feature" to get to the log files as they stand now.

Even using unsupported feature you treat it as feature of this software. Please include this limitation on component description to be more transparent with people.

We make an big effort to bring you some problems and you just answer "it's an unsupported feature"...

I ask you some workaround to circumvent the limitation on previous post that we will need to apply and you again just ignore it.

The Outsystems plataform generates a lot of garbage and the customers really need a way to clean it. if you spent some time to solve this please help us with more details, because a solution like this is of very high risk to use in our environments.

Hi Márcio,

Thank you for your feedback, that's something I will look to implement in the future. Right now I don't have the needed time to investigate that, unfortunately.

But I'll keep you posted on new developments.