I have some tables that take a lot of space.

Would it be possible to clean them up?

Tables like:





Hi Freek, you can use DbCleaner to see the size of your table and also clear!


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I'm using the one on steroids but for example oslog_SrvAPI_8 can't be cleaned with it and is 250 mb.

Are using Outsystems On Premises? Cloud? Don't you have access to directly database? 

Hi Freek,

in addiction to Paulo's information, please, check this document:

you'll find a lot of information.

Nuno Verdasca

Sorry for the little detail I posted this in the Personal Environment troubleshooting topic so I thought it would be clear this is the Free personal cloud with no database access. I already cleaned a lot only the table oslog_SrvAPI_8 is 250 mb. Is there a way to shrink this because of the name I think it's a log table.

I think its the log of the 'Service Actions Log'

I added the request to add the cleanup on DB Cleaner on Steroids. Do you guys it safe to clean the table myself?