I'm trying to take the question and answer fields and limit them to 50 characters. If it goes beyond 50 characters the string will either stop or trail off with a few ". . ." then end.


Are you wanting to limit the display of the data, or limit the input of the data?

For input validation, you can set the MaxLength property of the input field, and check the containing Form's IsValid property before saving the data.

For display, you can use an Expression to modify the string data. Use an If statement to check the length of the data, and if it is longer than the target number of characters, use something like the following to truncate it:

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

Substr([Text Value],0,50) + "..."

where [Text Value] is the value of the field you're trying to display.

The lower-left pane of the Expression Editor contains a list of available functions, including an entire category for text values:


There is also TextEllipsis available in OutSystems UI web. See