What is the number of limits which files upload to throw Server time out?

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I've uploaded files with a few MB with no issue.

Are you just uploading or processing while uploading? That takes more time. Depending on your data, it can timeout easily.

The ideal sequence is:

1) upload binary to a temp table. Send feedback to user.

2) call a timer to process the file.

3) after the file was successfully processed, delete/archive file.

3) Mail (or somehow notify logged user) to inform of that.


Adding to what Nuno wrote:

For a better understanding why you get an time out read the section application request timeout

In https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Maintenance_and_Operations/Timeouts_Under_the_Hood

Also read


And there is a Forge component to that shows you how to read large files